Open Houses. A Realtors Take


My sweet, sweet, forgiving friends,


I am afraid I have bit off more than I can chew. A blog post for EVERY new listing is daunting and I just cannot keep up. I’m still planning on doing the “3 Things The Photo’s Won’t Show”, but I want it to be mixed in with other Real Estate & lifestyle related things.


I want to be valuable to you. I want to open an insight into the real estate world that you might not see, educate you if you will. At the same time, I also want to be authentic and real with you. I try to be the most transparent when it comes to this business and I feel like a blog will help communicate that transparency and hopefully give you an “insider view”. We all watch HGTV and we all think we have an idea of what it’s like buying and selling property, but the truth is – until you’re in the middle of it, you have no idea.


The emotional peaks and valleys of buying and selling a home ARE a big deal. That is one thing I pride myself on, I will never take the emotion out of buying and selling a house. You are closing a chapter and opening a new one. That is a BIG deal. I never want to grow sterile to that emotional journey.


I do, however, want to systematically help you sell or buy in the quickest, most pain free way possible. I believe that is done through education. So wahhhlaawww… you go.


Lets start it off with a very controversial subject because why wouldn’t we just dive in head first. J


Open houses…..duh duh duh……..


There are Realtors and Homeowners alike that will agree and disagree on this topic. Some feel that they are absolutely necessary while others feel that it’s a tired selling style.


Open houses aren’t tired; we just have to up our game. Old styles aren’t working any more. We have to blend the technology world with the physical world. Business is changing when it comes to the edges that technology can reach, so why are we trying to stay in our old ways? Lets use it to our advantage.


I recently did a social media poll on a few open house related topics.


I had just finished up an open house at one of my most darling listings. I have had SO many people through that house. It’s charm & location really rakes in the crowds.  I’ve always been the Realtor that tries not to stalk people as they look, but that open house got my wheels turning. What do Buyers want to see at open houses?  I mean ultimately open houses are for you, the consumer, … so I’m going to Nicholas Sparks you “WHAT DO YOU WANT”


So I ran a few questions.


1. When searching a property or open house, where do you go?  94% said internet marketing & 6% said print ad.

This I found interesting, not because I don’t believe it to be true, but I’m constantly running into homeowners who believe that its ALL. ABOUT. THE. PAPER. Insert unimpressed, rolly eyeballs. I, for one, am not a huge print fan. My company has recently made the decision to not advertise with our local paper on a weekly basis.  For one – it’s expensive! The return on investment was just not there, so why spend hundreds of dollars every week on something that is prehistoric compared to the resources we have now? And for two- the proof is in the pudding. People go to the Internet for everything; I think we will begin to see the decline in printed newspapers. Okay, I’m off my soap box now. J


Internet marketing is the future. 


2. What would you like the hosting agent to do at an open house? 47% percent answered they would like a personal tour and 53% answered, “leave me alone, dangit” (My words not theirs ;))


Now this one surprised me. I thought it would be way more skewed toward “Leave me alone dangit”.  I’m still trying to figure out how to navigate this one.  I feel like I can read people fairly well and it just goes to show that there are a lot of you that want to know the extras of the home that you might not see by walking around on your own. I also think this validates open houses and their relativeness – people want to see the house, whether you’re there stalking them or not 😉 Kidding…kind of.


On the topic of trying not to stalk people during an open house – I posed a few more questions regarding a virtual open house.



3. Would you attend a Facebook RSVP event for an open house? 62% of voters voted that they would attend a Facebook Open House Event. I was thinking it’s a non-invasive way to help shoppers check out new property BUT what I found interesting is that in the next poll, 73% of voters voted that they would rather physically go to the open house vs the Facebook Live.


So you people want the physical open houses….. you just don’t want to talk to anyone. J  


We’re all just a bunch of extroverted introverts!


I’ve toyed around with different times and days for open houses and I’m still collecting data – that data I’ll probably save for marketing my clients property because what I’m finding out by trial and error is fire! 😉


The moral is – open houses aren’t dead. They just need a little revamping.


I just think open houses are such an interesting topic and I would love to find out more of your opinions! It’s all about education and you as the consumer are the MOST helpful and for that I am forever grateful.


Looking forward to assisting you in more ways than only when you’re buying or selling. It’s a relationship business after all!



Your Friend,