Prior to Listing Your Home

It’s All About Preparation…

With Buyers, first impressions count! Prior to placing your home on the market, we will go over the following things:

Evaluation Walk Through:

I will tour your property with you & help come up with a plan to get your home 100% show ready. Whether that is bringing in a stager, having a pre inspection done, or finding a great handy man (view our local resources page) to help with that squeak in your door – we will devise a plan together.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA):

The formula we use to appropriately price your property was developed by appraisers. It is unique to our office and is a great tool to use while trying to find price points. There is power in accurately pricing your property the first time! I will prepare a customized CMA for your property that will compare your home to others of like stature that have closed recently in your area.

Seller Instructions:

Prior to listing your home, together we will make a list of your needs during the home selling process – showing instructions, your future plans, special items you would like Buyers and Realtors to know that are specific to your property! If it’s on your mind – we will find a way to work it out with the least amount of stress possible.